Meek Mill has a few words about Broke Women and Men – See his message here


Meek Mill really had to get something out of his chest. He was thinking about men and women in bankruptcy, and he came up with the ideas he will see in his message below.

‘I can never understand a bankrupt woman who wants a Chanel bag as a gift … tell her you prefer to take the 5500! And vice versa for boys, expensive clothes without funds! ", Posted on Twitter.

His followers agreed with what he had to say on the subject.

For example, someone said: "I will transmit all that. I prefer to take care of my children and continue working. I do not need to show myself to anyone, if my children are good … I am good."

Another follower also agreed and posted this: ‘Yes sir, I agree. At this moment I am excited if the rent is paid and another month of my business remains open. A bag is too small to carry the feeling of having a place to call home or having mine. "

Another commenter said: ‘Only things that some people do. People around here will spend hundreds on shoes / jewelry, but they walk because they can't afford a car. "

One person published this: ‘Without explanation, wealth is a state of mind. I feel rich when I look at my abundance of books. Don't give anyone money, show them something. Knowledge is wealth. In this society, you must know something or waste yourself when war involves the salary of the mind. #paz. & # 39;


Apart from this, Meek got excited about Ellen DeGeneres with a nice post on her social media account earlier last month. The beautiful lady responded immediately.

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