Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel now have a celebrity couple name

Jonathan Scott and Zooey DeschanelThey are officially one thing, and you know what that means: it’s time for the name of your celebrity partner!

In an interview with E! News, the Property brothers star reacted to the new computer-generated couple name he and Deschanel received. But before revealing the name, E! Jason KennedyHe asked the HGTV star to guess what it could be. Your best guess? “Zooanathan?” Close, but not quite!

When Kennedy replied: “I have something better for you: Jonaooey. Just let him marinate.” You heard it here first, folks. Jonaooey is Scott and the New girl Official name of the alum celebrity couple!

When asked if he thought that name could take hold, Scott joked: “Where would that change take hold? Who is investing in that? I don’t know,quot; Finally, the star relented and admitted: “It definitely sounds better than it it occurred to me. But, yes. I like it. ”

Of course, that name is a bit difficult to memorize, so the 41-year-old man later asked for a review. “I had never heard that,” he replied before joking, “It could be worse. It could be Bennifer.”

Scott talked to E! at a Jaguar event that was partly about his new documentary, Jonathan Scott’s power trip—A film about big corporations trying to stop the growth of the solar energy industry.

Deschanel, a climate activist in her own right, accompanied her boyfriend to the event. Scott told E! The news that it was important for him to have her and other friends and family to support the film.

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As he revealed, “It is important for me to surround myself, not only with people who align with the things that I love, but also with people who also bring their own perspective to what is important to them. I want people who challenge things, that question things in my documentary. I have people who ask legitimate questions about the pros and cons of solar and renewable energy. ”

“Therefore, it is important for me to surround myself not with a group of people who simply say & # 39; Yes, yes, yes, everything is fine & # 39;” he continued. “I want people who really think a little about what they are doing. Jaguar told me 100 percent that, that they support him. My family, my friends, all joined the idea of ​​spreading the truth.”

The name of celebrity couple Scott and Deschanel is also a truth that needs to come to light.

Long live Jonaooey!

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