Jen Harley seems to hit her ex Ronnie Magro in a new cryptic post


Since the end of things, Jen Harley has been posting many ambiguous messages on social networks that seem to indirectly drag her ex, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. This time, he turned to his Instagram Stories to tell his followers his latest revelation.

According to her, taking "a break from someone,quot; is the only thing that will tell her if she really loves them or if she really is much better away from them.

As this happens after she and Ronnie finished things after a violent altercation in October, fans couldn't help assuming he was talking about the man, even though he never mentioned his name in the cryptic date.

This also happens a couple of weeks after Jen accused Ronnie of cheating on her with her close friend.

"A break from someone will make you realize how much you really miss them and love them or how much peace you really have without them," read the now-expired story he shared yesterday.

And that was not all, since, under the note, he also added: "Nothing but peace baby,quot;, making it very clear that he has been in a good mood since the breakup.

While it seems to be rediscovering after separation, things are pretty bad between them, since they share a child together.

Legally, speaking, Ronnie is in trouble because he was accused of endangering a child after the altercation with Jen.

Therefore, there is now a restraining order against him, which means he can't see even talk to his 19-month-old daughter, Ariana Sky.

However, Jen revealed in another IG story last month that she did not request the restraining order and does not want to keep Ronnie away from her son.


She explained that "I'm working for her to fall so I can see her if she wants to." Everyone is injured in this situation. I do not understand everything that is happening, on your part. All I ever wanted was a family for our daughter. The toxic part was sweeping everything under the carpet and trying to look beyond all the traps just didn't work for me. I am heartbroken by all this and I just want to be a peaceful co-father.

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