How Aaron Rodgers found his perfect teammate in Danica Patrick


If you excuse us for the pun, Danica Patrick He has no intention of running towards marriage.

When evaluating the strength of your relationship with Aaron Rodgers, the retired racing driver has a measuring rod much healthier than the state of the fourth finger of his left hand. Questioned by Jenny McCarthy about his marriage schedule during a recent appearance in Jenny McCarthy's show, the 37-year-old man answered thoughtfully. "That's one of those things. You can't get attached to something that goes a certain way because if you really want something to happen, there is the same energy of being afraid that it won't happen," he explained. "You just have to let it go and be fine, am I having fun today? Yes? Then life is good."

It is a lesson that maybe she learned the hard way, after joking with a TMZ cameraman, "I was ready yesterday,quot; when asked in 2017 if she and her fellow driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. They were sailing towards a compromise. But, having reached this imminently reasonable conclusion, very similar to how someone finds a partner when they stop searching, "They will probably propose to me tomorrow now," he reflected.

Or maybe today, Rodgers' 36th birthday is as good as any other to officially commit forever to his multi-year love. "Aaron plans to propose, 100 percent, for sure," a source tells E! News. "It's not about if, but when."

They have already crossed out those other commitment relationship thresholds, confirming that their years of platonic correspondence had become much more than a friend's romance almost two years ago, when they told the Associated Press quite simply, "Yes, Aaron and I are coming out,quot;. The next month, they kissed openly on the Daytona 500, where Patrick was ready to start the first of his last two races, before taking his last lap at the Indianapolis 500 in May.

And five months after that, the excessively athletic couple made their red carpet debut, appropriately, at ESPYS: the ceremony that recognizes excellence in sports performance is the same place that initially brought together the most recognizable name of the races and to the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers in 2012.

And although the two-time Most Valuable Player in the NFL is as likely to detail everything he loves about Patrick as throwing multiple interceptions per game (frankly, the public birthday and Valentine's Day wishes are many for someone who has stated: "When you're living a relationship in public view, it's definitely … it's hard,quot;), they are an absolutely winning team.

"He has become less private about his relationship because he is really proud to have her by his side," says the source. "They are completely in love and committed to each other, and they do it in the long term."

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Which is appropriate, considering it was a bit long to get to this place.

"We both remember, we remember meeting, it was fast," he shared with Jenny McCarthy last May, the comedian's SiriusXM program is apparently the place he goes to share relationship updates, "but I received his email address and I remember having thought for me back then, & # 39; Oh … it's not a phone number, just an email address & # 39; whatever. "

Still, "We kept in touch a little, there were some years that I don't think we talked to each other and then some, from time to time, but it wasn't until recently that we had phone numbers."

Everything was a bit dazzled, she revealed, the initial problem was other romantic entanglements, with Patrick recently separated from the ex-husband. Paul Hospenthal in their first meeting and in an affair with Stenhouse Jr. not much later. Rodgers, meanwhile, spent three years in the actress & # 39; Olivia MunnArm.

And then there were those other loyalties. Born in one of the southernmost cities in Wisconsin, just an hour and a half from Windy City, Patrick grew up outside the state borders in Illinois as a devoted fan of the Chicago Bears, being, of course, gives Bears a direct rival of Rodgers. Packers

And his fandom was firmly rooted, transmitted from his father. "My father grew up with all the Packers fans, so what he says is: & # 39; I'm not against the Packers, I'm against the Packer fans & # 39;" he explained in Jimmy Kimmel Live last year.

So she and Rodgers had fun with the division: "We refer to each other as & # 39; Chicago & # 39; and & # 39; Green Bay & # 39;", he admitted to McCarthy. "It was very nice. Like the Capulets and Montagues, you know."

The annual ESPYS served as a touchstone for false enemies. "We have been kind of friends all the time, we have stayed in vague contact and see each other at ESPYS almost every year, and elsewhere," said Patrick, the only winning woman in the history of the IndyCar Series. For the victory in January 2018. "Then, one thing led to another, and we realized how similar we were, and yes, that made the ball roll."

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The ball has since crossed shared interests (exercise, of course, with the Quite intense write writing to the soccer player through her steps, along with a love for travel, dogs and reading), vile past commitment, the first signs of what could have been when Patrick put on that initial piece of equipment green and gold

"I told him a long time ago that I would always support him as a player," he told the AP. "Now I'm probably going to cheer the whole team. Eliminate the word & # 39; probably & # 39;. Now I'm going to cheer the whole team."

Which, she has, loudly and proudly, making sure to say it every time her boy offers another winning performance of 23 of 33, three touchdowns. "Another simply amazing performance by @ aaronrodgers12!" she wrote on Instagram after a victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. "Do it week after week."

And perhaps it is her own condition as a professional athlete that freed her a bit from the tired and misogynist trope of blaming the bride, too familiar to those who date soccer players. Although it can't hurt that the Packers, with some exceptions, have been riding a wave of victory lately. Everyone loves a winner.

"Danica is an amazing companion for Aaron. She has supported him during countless games, cheering him from the barrier," says the source. "She has her feet on the ground and also receives the pressures of competitive sports. She is her biggest cheerleader and fan."

And as a member of Team Aaron, she did her part to spread the bitter dispute that had accumulated between Rodgers and her family, one that became uncomfortably public when the little brother Jordan Rodgers came to the hometown part of High school in 2016 and explained to the now fiance JoJo Fletcher why his famous brother would not come to dinner.

Last year, at this time, while commenting on the dismissal of Packer's coach Mike McCarthyRodgers revealed that he was "at home with my friends in town for my birthday,quot; when he heard the news. And a source says that Patrick was as responsible for that candlelight meeting as anyone else.

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"Danica has been instrumental in helping to repair the rift of the Rodgers family," says the source. "She is the reason why Aaron and his family are talking again. Danica has been working to get everyone back together."

Rodgers, in turn, has been helping Patrick make the most of retirement. (One that includes analyst work, an athleisure collection, a wine brand, a podcast called Quite intense and, of course, those commercials of GoDaddy, but still.) Their aspirations for life after the races were quite common. "I'm excited to have a weekend," he told the Los Angeles Times last year. "I am excited to go to the farmers market. Simple things like that. There is always a farmers market. There is always a vacation. Life is always enjoyed. I love the idea of ​​looking at my agenda and planning things."

Or allow your boy to intervene, organizing off-season trips to Mexico, Africa and India. "Aaron really loves to worship Danica," reveals the source. "She loves being able to take care of her, she doesn't see any problem taking her away on surprise getaways and fun excursions."

Today, however, she would like to be the one to celebrate.

"Happy birthday to my best friend and favorite person in the world! You are the first one I want to tell you about my best and worst days," began his extensive Instagram tribute this morning. "I am so grateful that the universe created you! Star dust started it all, but you have done nothing but improve it every year of your life. Thank you for being loving, generous, caring, patient, fun and fun. , spontaneous, talented, intelligent and super attractive man, with whom I can walk through life. This journey we are … is really very good. "

And if it ends at the top of a hallway, that would be fine. But seriously, he is not in a hurry.