Freddie Kitchens left with four games to prove he is the right coach for the Browns in 2020


The Browns have talked a lot about clothing and accessories in 2019. The Odell Beckham, Jr. watch The helmet of Myles Garrett. Dee Haslam's sock supporting Garrett. Freddie Kitchens t-shirt. It is a costume theme after another that are the themes of the day in a season that has not lived up to pre-season expectations.

Cleveland is 5-7. Winning might not be enough to reach the AFC playoffs now, and Kitchens spent a part of Sunday's press conference after the Browns' loss by 20-13 against the Steelers talking about a "Pittsburgh started,quot; shirt. He used the day before the game. game.

"My daughters wanted me to wear my shirt, and I would wear it again," Kitchens said, through "I put on a jacket. I covered it. I took a picture with a fan. It was as simple as that. The shirt didn't give us 40-yard passes and we were ready to play." "

The kitchens are half the reason. The shirt did not lose the game for the Browns. Cleveland blew a 10-0 lead to a third-quarter quarterback, and Nick Chubb and Odell Beckham Jr. combined for just 20 touches. That shirt, however, was stupid since the Browns season has come with so many viral viruses. It is another reminder that the organization so far has not had the top-down leadership necessary to be in the playoff conversation. It was another moment of not sending press messages to the Browns, and the kitchens simply told you that they would do it again.

Browns slide deeper into the lower half of the league

He proved once again that the Browns still don't know how to use the playoff contender tag. This team still needs to learn to win, and the kitchens get in the way.

Pittsburgh, meanwhile, is two games ahead of Cleveland in the AFC North standings. Baltimore has five games ahead. Cincinnati probably feels he can get one of the two against Cleveland given the way Andy Dalton played on Sunday.

This was a division in which many publications, including ours, chose the Browns to win. Instead, we have spent much of the season writing about their clothes and accessories.

Freddie kitchens

Beckham's watch, visor and coves are not great deals. The fact that he only has two reception touchdowns occupies the 23rd place in receiving yards and 28th in reception is a big problem.

Haslam's sock is no big deal. The fact that the best Browns defensive player is not on the field because a helmet was placed on Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph is a big problem.

The kitchen shirt is no big deal. The fact that the Browns have been assessed with the highest number of yards per penalty in the NFL and 21st place in touchdown percentage in the red zone is a big problem.

The long-awaited quarterback of the Baker Mayfield franchise has not backed down in year 2, but has not taken exactly the next step with Kitchens as head coach. That is perhaps the biggest problem for the Browns when they look to the future. They have the correct QB for the first time since Bernie Kosar. Do they have the right coach?

Freddie kitchens

These next four games will help determine if the kitchens will be on the sidelines if this talented team makes a breakthrough in 2020. Cleveland closes the season with book games against the Bengals, with a trip to Arizona and home final against Baltimore interspersed in the means, medium.

In the worst case, Cleveland should go 3-1 on that stretch, and it is important to remember that he beat Baltimore 40-25 in Week 4 in what now seems to be the most inexplicable result of the regular season given the direction that Both franchises have taken since.

Baltimore is a Super Bowl contender with MVP candidate Lamar Jackson. Cleveland needs to win and get a lot of help to stay in the wild card conversation of the AFC.

However, winning is not just about the playoffs at the moment.

W in over Browns has Steelers sitting pretty

Winning would mean a record of 9-7. Even 8-8 would end the dubious series of 11 consecutive losing seasons that the team almost broke in 2018 when it finished 7-8-1. That would show progress, and the kitchens would be responsible for it.

If the Browns finish 7-9 or worse, then Kitchens could be the next coach to leave.

For kitchens to avoid that destination, to begin with, you can avoid discussions about clothing. Show that your team can be a more disciplined unit that can handle business in December. Cleveland won three of its last four in 2018, and this is how the preseason momentum began. The kitchens were responsible for much of that last year, and Browns fans fell in love with him until the "Dawg Pound,quot; sweatshirt.

A similar career would prepare the Browns for something else in 2020, when they could show that they learned from this year's mistakes, including their clothing.

Hey, at least we already know they will have new uniforms for the occasion.