Drake, who? Travis Scott has one of Kylie Jenner's family members on his side and is doing everything possible to get them back together


There are many wild rumors about Kylie Jenner and her love life. It is claimed that she is dating Drake, but she is afraid to make it public because she fears her heart will break.

During the weekend, she was also seen with her baby dad, Travis Scott, and fans think they might be thinking about meeting after announcing their separation in October.

A source spoke with Hollywood life and explained that the couple is thinking about being together again, but that has not happened yet.

The expert said: "Kylie and Travis are not completely together, but they are working on their relationship and spend more time together as parents. There is no calendar for the future at all, and their main objective is to raise Stormi together, no ( get back together) as a couple. "

Travis has a family member who works hard to achieve reconciliation: Kris Jenner.

The family friend shared: “Kris is a big fan of trying to fix relationships, and not throwing in the towel too quickly, while having good relationships with (her grandchildren's) father. So, of course, she supports Kylie by solving things with Travis and having them become a family again if that's what she wants. "

According to the inside information, this is why Kris is supporting Travis: "That's why all of her children have relationships with their children's parents, it's really a lot of her who helps with that. She thinks that Travis is a great father. The family has always been a fan of Travis, and it was actually Kanye (West) who was Travis's biggest defender since day one. It's really not so surprising to see them together for Thanksgiving to someone close to they ".

The source concluded: "There is no tension or uncomfortable vibrations, so it makes things very easy. Travis will spend time with Kylie and Stormi during the holidays, and Kylie even agreed to travel to Houston with Stormi to spend time with her family as well. Things between them are as friendly as two exes can become. Actually, it wouldn't surprise anyone if Kylie decided to give her another chance. "


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