David Adefeso tells Tamar Braxton to welcome his family with this beautiful declaration of love


As never before, David Adefeso, the man, who seems ready to marry Tamar Braxton at any time, has decided to talk about his romance.

The "All the Way Home,quot; singer and the businessman organized their first Thanksgiving dinner with their son, Logan Herbert, and the event was very special.

David revealed that his mother made it official that Tamar is a daughter for her, and Logan is his grandson.

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On Saturday I turned 50. My @tamarbraxton organized the most amazing party! My 80-year-old mother, whom I love so much, flew from Lagos to attend. I remember growing up in Lagos … we attended a church called Chapel of the Healing Cross. In the Chapel they had the congregation divided into four "Scholarships,quot;, each as a prayer / support group. Each of the four scholarships had a different name: the scholarships of joy, hope, peace and love. Over the years, I have often wondered which of the four scholarships was the most important: I mean, if I had to choose only one of the four for the rest of eternity, which one would it be? Would you take peace over love? Joy about hope? Well, only at 50 I feel that I finally found the answer, and it is the same answer that my mother reiterated to me decades ago: Of the four, the best is LOVE! “Loving my @tamarbraxton brings me joy; that Joy always keeps Hope alive … the hope that, no matter what obstacles we face, we will always face them together; and the hope that we will be together forever brings me peace. ” Then, when you have Love, you have Joy, and Joy comes with an endless Hope, and the Hope that things will always be better and brighter tomorrow than they were yesterday brings Peace. So, as I said, the greatest of these is LOVE. Because with Love comes Joy, Hope and Peace … all wrapped in a beautiful and tight package! I love you tamar Thanks for making this the #bestbirthdayever! ❤️❤️

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David confessed that he understood more than ever that the singer of "Wanna Love You Boy,quot; is part of his family.

He wrote: “Yesterday my @tamarbraxton, Beans and I organized our first Thanksgiving dinner as a family. My dynamic 80-year-old mother, sister, brother-in-law and niece attended, as well as more than 30 close friends. We had a great time!!! I am always surprised to see how Tamar and my family met from the moment they met in Nigeria; they love her, and she loves them back. During dessert, my mother got up to speak and called her daughter Tamar. I was not surprised: my family adopted the magnificent simile, sincere kindness and contagious sense of humor of Tamar almost as strongly as it did with the deeply conservative and Christian African roots of my family. "

He added: "But what if my family had not accepted it? As with many African-American families, many African parents and families tend to get too involved in their children's relationships and married life, often to the detriment of the relationship of the young couple (heck, I have seen some of the mothers of my friends.) move to the couple's house right after getting married, which often makes the daughter-in-law's life impossible.) I promised never I would make Tamar go through the misery that I have seen other couples go through with the man's family. So I informed my family from the beginning that they had no other choice! Or they love Tamar as they love me and accept her as I do I accept … or run the risk of losing myself completely. Needless to say, I have not worried! My mother treats Tamar like her fourth daughter (I have 3 sisters) and Beans like her 13th grandson, my sisters they appreciate how they are made and my brothers love my @tamarbra xton almost as much as me. ”

He concluded by saying: “Welcome to the Adefeso family, Tamar! I am so grateful and thank you that God brought you and Beans to my life. A word for all the young and strong brothas that are in relation to our beautiful black earthquakes: please defend your child! Once you choose her, she becomes your number 1 in life; and she comes before the rest of your family: before your mother, your sisters, and even before you! And this is how to keep a happy home! "#Happythanksgiving #godblessournewfamily ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Fans are simply delighted with the couple. When do you think he will ask the question?

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