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Chris Brown's baby's mother, Ammika Harris, has trouble posting this sizzling photo where she leaves nothing to the imagination after giving birth


It has been more than a week since Chris Brown and his intermittent girlfriend, Ammika Harris, welcomed their baby to the world.

The public has not yet seen a picture of Chris's baby or know his name. However, thanks to the rumors and endless clues that Ammika and Chris have been spreading on social networks, it seems they have selected the name, Indigo, for their son.

Chris is already the father of a girl named Royalty. While fans are still lurking in social media in hopes of taking a look at the baby, Ammika has been posting one sexy photo shoot after another.

The model recently shared a hot shot where she wears nothing but gloves and several bracelets.

His legend said: "HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🔮💜 PURPLE LIGHT,quot;.

A fan said: "Is that another way of saying indigo, which is probably the baby's name? Gurrrlllll put me in the vibrations of the Purple Rain Prince … magnificent.

This sponsor revealed: "The most beautiful mother in the world ❤️Well, I hope everyone is together. I love Chris SO MUCH has been a big fan. Too many BM … there aren't enough men committing to ONE woman. Congratulations on the baby 👍 👍 Welcome to the world Aiko ♥ ️ I bet this is from your maternity session, omg, let them fall 😩😩😩😩😩🥰🥰 ".

This criticism criticized Ammika, who described herself as "Blasian with Cherokee blood,quot; for celebrating Thanksgiving: "How do you celebrate a party that involves killing your Cherokee blood? Oh, wait, it's because you're not black or cherokee. We've seen your parents, sister, no black in sight. I have it. "

Meanwhile, a friend of Chris said this to Hollywood life about the arrival of the bundle of joy: “Chris is happy to be a father again. She really is eager to involve Royalty in everything and hopes she is the most incredible older sister in history. ”


The person continued to share: “He loves the fact that he has a daughter and a son, and now he feels complete. He dreams of his future and is eager to see what his two children will be like. Fatherhood has changed Chris for the better, and now having a child is really making the important things in life come to the fore. ”
This seems like a new era for the R,amp;B superstar.

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