What does Cindy Crawford think about Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson?


Seeing your child date someone who is not especially interested can be a difficult situation. Now that she looks like Cindy Crawford, model daughter Kaia Gerber has spent a lot of time with Saturday Night Live (SNL) Cast member Pete Davidson, people ask what Cindy really thinks about the relationship. At 25, Pete Davidson is not much older than Kaia, who had just turned 18 in September, but for some parents, they might feel that there is a small age difference.

Cindy has not spoken directly about Kaia and Pete's quotes, but Us Weekly quotes only one source who claims to have insider information about the situation.

Cindy Crawford is married to Rande Gerber and the couple has two children: Presley, a twenty-year-old son who is also a model and Kaia Gerber.

According to Us Weekly, Cindy is trying to stay out of the way and not interfere with Kaia's happiness, while at the same time trying to get Kaia to focus on herself and her future.

Cindy Crawford has experienced many of the situations in which Kaia will find herself. As one of the first supermodels, Cindy knows the modeling industry, lifestyle, parties and what it means to be a celebrity. Cindy and Kaia talked about many of the ways the industry is similar and different in a Vogue interview.

According to Us Weekly, the source stated the following to explain how Cindy feels about the relationship.

"Cindy supports Kaia and wants her to be happy. Right now she is happy with Pete, so Cindy is trying not to get involved."

You can see more of Us Weekly below.

Pete Davidson has dated Ariana Grande and more recently with Kate Beckinsale. It seems that Pete has a guy and prefers women with brown hair and dark eyes. Some people have commented that they do not understand the attraction that many of the beautiful women he has towards him.

In a recent interview, Pete Davidson explained that he knows how to treat women and treats all the women he dates as a princess.


It remains to be seen if that will be enough to calm any concerns that Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber may have. Kaia Gerber certainly looks happy with Pete Davidson and, according to the Us Weekly source, that's what matters most to Cindy.

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