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Snoop Dogg Dropping Album presents some of his most controversial songs in the form of a lullaby!


This is a very strange and unexpected concept, but if someone can do it, it is definitely Snoop Dogg! It turns out that the rapper plans to release versions of lullabies of some of his best-known songs, no matter how controversial the lyrics are!

After owning almost all the genres he had done before, Snoop now points to a new market and makes his songs child friendly!

The Source reports that it is currently working on the release of a lullaby album, a project that will be launched in collaboration with Rockabye Baby! Music.

After all, they are well known for transforming the familiar rhythms of rap songs and turning them into great nursery rhymes for babies.

The artists who have turned some of their songs into instrumental instruments that can fall asleep for babies are, among others, Drake, Eminem and Kanye West.

That said, the fact that Snoop Dogg joins that list is not as surprising as it seems when you hear it at first.

Since it is only the rhythm that is extracted from the hit song and not the lyrics, there is no reason to worry that they are not appropriate for the little ones.

While Snoop Dogg's album will officially be released on December 6, some parents have already managed to get a vinyl version on Black Friday!

That said, although his songs and image may not seem perfect for family entertainment, even songs like "Gin and Juice,quot; are featured!

Speaking of babies, unfortunately, Snoop experienced a tragic loss this year.

The rapper's grandson, Kai Love, begotten by his 25-year-old son Corde Broadus, died only ten days after he was born.


Kai Love was Snoop's fifth grandson and the news was heartbreaking.

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