OG Chijindu hints that basketball wives return after accusing the cast of colorism


OG Chijindu had a difficult season of Basketball Wives that aired this summer. After speculating that she was fired for being too aggressive, the former soccer player hinted that she would return.

OG Chijindu and Evelyn Lozada met face to face during the filming of the program. When the ladies made a trip abroad, OG was forced to sit outside the final meal due to safety concerns and was also forced to record in a different room during the meeting show.

Many wondered what the difference was between Malaysia Pargo throwing a table and Evelyn starting multiple fights that became physical versus OG threatening to kill their castmates.

The athlete felt that it was due to the color of her skin that they labeled her as a threat more than others who behaved in the same way. This opened a conversation about the deeply rooted problem that Shaunie O'Neal had to address.

Shaunie told the host of the meeting that the difference between the behavior of the original cast and that of OG was that they knew each other longer and knew better than really putting each other.

After criticism and speculation, fans felt that the series should be canceled after the negativity surrounding the last season. However, Shaunie confirmed that they were renewed and that no one has been fired yet.

OG Chijindu recently tweeted that the "third time a charm,quot; made fans believe he could be saying he will return for his third season on the show.

Meanwhile, Lozada, who has been considered racist for sharing an emoji of a monkey while fighting with her co-star (who later denied that it was addressed to her) was recently baptized in Freedom Church.

The mother of two shared a photo of her experience accompanied by a legend that said: "This trip, although personal, is also about being faithful to who I am, who He is and what really nourishes my soul."


Will you tune into another season of Basketball Wives?

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