Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are still a couple and people think they look like Billy Idol


Despite the rumors and gossip that surrounded Miley Cyrus, it seems she and Cody Simpson are still a couple and still strong. Miley underwent two throat surgeries and took a break from the intense media attention while recovering. First, he underwent a tonsillectomy and then needed surgery on his vocal cords. She has been at vocal rest and perhaps that is why her Instagram account was not flooded with photos of her and her new boyfriend Cody Simpson. Miley celebrated her 27th birthday on November 23, 2019, and Cody shared photos on her official Instagram account, where she not only wished her a happy birthday, but let her followers know that they are still very close.

In a video that Cody shared with his 3.8 million followers on Instagram, he referred to Miley as her baby, and let the world know that things were still at stake for this couple. Many fans were surprised to see Cody and Miley together, as they had mistakenly believed that they had separated.

You can watch the video that Cody Simpson shared on his Instagram account with him and Miley Cyrus below.

Speaking closely, Miley made it clear that her friendship with rocker Billy Idol is also strengthening. Billy Idol is a fellow Sagitarrius and his birthday was November 30. The rocker just turned 64 and Miley gave him a special greeting. Miley and Billy performed at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in 2016, where they played the duet "Rebel Yell,quot;.

He seems to have liked Billy Idol and the two seem to be very friendly.

You can watch that video below.

Now, some claim that they think Cody Simpson looks exactly like Billy Idol in the 80s! Even Miley Cyrus shared a photo of Billy Idol with Cody Simpson and captioned it referring to the resemblance between the two. Obviously Miley has a special respect for Billy. For Halloween, Miley and Cody dressed as Billy Idol and Perri Lister.

You can see a picture of Billy Idol and Cody Simpson that Miley Cyrus shared in his Instagram story with his 101 million followers below.

Since Miley shared the photos, searches for "Are Billy Idol and Cody Simpson related?" Have increased.

What you think? Do you think Cody Simpson and Billy Idol look alike?


Are you surprised that Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are still together? Did you think they had separated?

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