Deepika Padukone just compared Hrithik Roshan with a dessert and we agree


Deepika Padukone is one of the most beloved, celebrated and followed actors in social networks. From her style to what she eats and where she is going, people are constantly aware of information about her. Just this morning, she was seen dancing to Dheeme Dheeme with Kartik Aaryan at the airport and we thought it was the best. But wait, the actress has just released a tweet and we think this could be more interesting than dancing.

Deepika took Twitter to post a tweet about Hrithik Roshan. She published: "iHrithik WAR is like Death by Chocolate from Corner House! … I just say … "Well, sure Deepika liked Hrithik and her performance in War and we don't disagree with the comparison either.

While this tweet is quite interesting in itself, a response from husband Ranveer Singh would only add the cherry to the cake, don't you think?