Caitlyn Jenner could be in legal trouble after talking about the Kardashians in I'm a celebrity … Get me out of here


Caitlyn Jenner has been quite open about her life and her relationships with her children, former stepchildren and her ex-wife Kris Jenner during her career in the UK reality show. I'm a celebrity … get me out of here. However, a new report states that Caitlyn could be in legal trouble because Kris prohibited him from talking about the Kardashian-Jenner clan during his appearance.

According to Online radar, Kris was not happy with what Caitlyn had to say about her marriage in her 2017 memoirs The secrets of my life. And, the famous mother wanted to make sure her ex didn't reveal any more secrets while she was in I am a celebrity.

"To talk around the set is that Cait can't say ANYTHING about Kris or his time together when he was Bruce, and that Cait is forbidden to gossip about the family," a source said. "Cait is under strict orders to remain silent about Kris, or else!"

The source says that Kris and his legal team have watched every episode to make sure the family doesn't suffer "more humiliation."

However, Caitlyn has been talking about the Kardashian-Jenner family since she parachuted to the camp, and her first mention was how everyone had skydived and now it was her turn.

The 70-year-old woman also revealed during her time on the show that she has not spoken with her former stepdaughter Khloe in more than five years. Caitlyn also claimed that Khloe has been "persecuted,quot; since she came out as a transgender, but she doesn't know why.

"I checked all the children and Khloe, for some reason, got carried away by something during this whole process, five or six years have passed and I haven't really talked to her since then," said the first. keeping up with the Kardashians star. “We were very close. I raised her since I was 5 years old. I really don't know what your problems are. "

The Daily Star Sunday He reports that Caitlyn's refusal to remain silent could lead to a multimillion dollar lawsuit from Kris. The store claims that Caitlyn agreed not to reveal family secrets, and even signed a two-page contract during the first season of Kuwk that Kris had written.

"This contract was given to all participants in the program and means that Caitlyn could be in hot water," says another source. "Kris and Khloe are strict and the contracts he signed were designed to keep the family's internal secrets secret and protect the show."

The source added that Caitlyn Jenner talking about Khloe could technically represent a legal drama, but talking about the family in relation to the program is a "gray area."


New episodes of keeping up with the Kardashians air on Sunday nights at E! And new episodes of I'm a celebrity … get me out of here night air on ITV in the United Kingdom.

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