Patti LaBelle says she and Aretha Franklin were supposed to record a duet before her death

There is no doubt that Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle are two of the best vocalists that have appeared on stage. During a recent interview with The breakfast clubPatti revealed that she and Aretha planned to record a duet before her unfortunate death last year.

Patti said: "We were supposed to make a duet before she died, three months before she died, she called me and we talked, and we talked about it on the day. She used to remind me of the moments when we were in Detriot at the club ".

She continued, "I said," I want to record a song with you. "She said," Let's do it, Patti. "I really wanted to sing a duet with me."

She said they didn't have the opportunity to come up with the concept of the song, but said Aretha was excited about the album.

It has been rumored for years that Patti and Aretha did not always have a good relationship, but she killed those rumors and said they were not true. He also said that the rumors about her and Diana Ross of not having a good relationship were also not true.

However, she said there were other artists who didn't get along with her. She decided not to name any name. but she said there were other well-known names that had despised her over the years.

Apart from that, she also talked about the success of her food line. We all know a few years ago that he launched his line with his sweet potato pies. The brand eventually expanded from the deserts to other things like macaroni and cheese and meatballs.

Watch Patti's full interview below:

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