Camila Mendes and Charles Melton will remain cordial while taking a break

<pre><pre>Camila Mendes and Charles Melton will remain cordial while taking a break
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According to reports, the co-stars of & # 39; Riverdale & # 39 ;, who started dating in October 2018, decided to separate because they have so much on their plates and felt overwhelmed.

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Camila Mendes and Charles Melton They are supposedly "taking a break" from their relationship.

The "Riverdale"It is said that the co-stars, who play Veronica and Reggie on the hit US television show, paused their romance after realizing things were moving too fast.

"Camila and Charles have been separated for a few months. They are taking a break from their relationship," a source told E! News. "Their relationship intensified very quickly and now they are taking the time to focus on their work and themselves."

Both actors have remained busy with their "Riverdale" commitments, as well as with separate movie projects, and the pressures of a hectic working life affected their relationship, the source added.

"Both have separate movie projects and it has been a lot on their plates," the source continued. "Nothing in particular happened, they both felt busy and overwhelmed and it was a great pressure for them."

Despite their separation, it is said that Charles and Camila are on good terms, and they realize that they have to be "cordial" with each other on the set of "Riverdale" and during the promotional duties of the program.

"They have been filming together while they were separated and things have been normal," the source explained.

"Everyone is very close to the show and they are all very good friends. They cannot ignore each other, so they stay cordial and try to focus on filming. They are still filming season 4 of & # 39; Riverdale & # 39 ;, but they will have a break for the holidays for a few weeks. "

Neither Camila nor Charles, who started dating in October 2018, have commented on the reports divided into their social networks, but fans recently noticed that it has been a while since they published a plug-in together.